​It is an absolute must that anybody under the age of 18 attending our Hoverboard Disco's has their parent or legal guardian sign our disclaimer before riding, we do everything we can to ensure our events are both fun and safe, all we ask of you is that you take a little time out to either download and print the document using the button below, collect one from any of the locations listed above or from Hingleys Tackle, Stourbridge, DY8 1TT -  read through, have it signed and BRING IT WITH YOU on the day you attend, once you've done that - you're ready roll. We won't ask to see it again, we'll just check the register and happily let you hover. ENTRY WILL BE REFUSED WITHOUT THIS DOCUMENT! Free safety wear provided.



Hoverboard Disco - Every Sunday @ Crystal Leisure Centre 3PM - 6PM

See our facebook page for special events and additional sessions being held.

All our riders whether hiring our boards or bringing their own will have one to one training making them as comfortable as possible so they feel confident and happy.