Here we have put together some questions and answers we think you might want to know; 

What is the minimum age?

5 years old is the minimum age , children under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Where can I go to a disco?

At Stourbridge leisure centre or at Dudley leisure centre. Check our Facebook page for updates. CLICK HERE 

What if I cant print the disclaimer?

Not to worry, you can collect one from either of the leisure centre's or Hingleys tackle in Stourbridge or fill .

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are highly recommended but not compulsory however, wrist protection is a MUST! (all protective wear can be hired at venue)

Can I come if I don't have a hoverboard?

Yes of course! We can hire you one for the cost of £9 for one hour or 2 hours for £14.

I'd like to come to a disco but I've never used a hoverboard before could somebody teach me?

Yes we have a friendly team of people who offer training to beginners in the first hour session - we'd advise coming then to give you time to get comfortable riding, you can always book an extra hour to enjoy the party!

Can I charge my board if it runs out of battery?
We won't be able to charge any boards brought from home so please make sure they are fully charged before coming to our events, we wouldn't want you to miss a minute of fun! - WE ALWAYS ADVISE TO NEVER CHARGE YOUR BOARD FOR LONGER THAN 3 HOURS.

What if I have a hoverboard but it's broken?
Don't worry, we even repair them! Visit our repair site CLICK HERE - one of our technicians will have you ready to roll in no time.

I've heard a few things in the news, are they safe?
Our boards are of the highest quality, they are powered by Samsung batteries - the issues you may have heard about stem from over-charging and consequently over-heating - we pride ourselves on safety and do everything in our power to ensure our visitors are in a safe environment.

Do you have rules?

Yes we do have rules which are fully displayed at the venue.

Can I block book ?

Yes we offer block bookings email or call 01384 395438. 

Do you cater for Birthday Parties and other events?

Yes we offer party packages, we can even provide a venue and quality catering!

Public liability Insurance ?

We are fully insured for our events , all our boards are checked carefully for defects and fully charged prior to use we have gone to extensive measures to ensure a safe haven for hoverboards and riders

Have Fun , Stay Safe And See You At The Party!!!